Technological development in the field of electrical energy made us realized that time is money and accordingly we developed and redesigned strategies and plans to meet these challenges. We specialized in energy production and transmission services:

1- Energy Production

We are (O&M) company with services of maintenance, supply spare parts, inspection, rehabilitation and redesign for more efficiency & increase output.

2- Energy Transmission

Through our global partners we can EPC power station of (133/33- 400/132) KVA and EPC over head transmission lines (132-400) K.V. 

3- Energy Distribution

Supply and installation ( EPC)  of substation (33/11) KVA  and EPC over head transmission lines (11-33) K.V.

Currently we working on 132 KV lines in southern region and previously we done many projects in middle & southern regions of Iraq.

We are committed to meet the challenges in the electrical energy sector and meet our customers’ expectations and deliver what we promised.