HSE Policy

HSE Policy

In POE has a moral obligation to protect all employees, our external entities, and the environment through our efforts to provide a safe, injury-free, and healthy workplace. Therefore, POE is committed to providing our services and products that are always safe and at the highest levels.The management within POE provides leadership on roads that increase the means of protection for our employees and our external bodies during our workplace. This will be achieved through the following principles:Preventing work-related accidents and ill health through health and safety risk management in the workplace.To make continuous progress towards our "safety first" goal. Through no accidents, injuries, or damage to human health and the environment from our products and services.Report publicly on our HSE performance.Provide clear instructions, adequate information, and training to external employees and suppliers.Involve and consult with employees on health and safety conditions day after day.Implementation of emergency procedures and evacuation in the event of major accidents.Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, providing and maintaining facilities, equipment, and machinery, and ensuring the safe storage and use of materials.To instill a culture at all levels of POE to continuously identify, reduce, and manage risks that threaten the integrity of the process.Cooperating with governments and contractors at all levels in developing safety, health, and the efficient and effective environment as well as security laws, regulations, and standards.Supporting education and training in the health and safety of our products and services.To inform our stakeholders, process risks products/services, and consider their views.An HSE policy is only most effective if all employees maintain a consistent and positive attitude towards safety. Therefore, all employees of POE must act according to the following global guidelines:

Prevention of accidents and injuries.The administration is accountable and individuals are responsible for their safety.All employees have the right to prevent or refuse to perform any task if it is not safe or cannot be performed safely.Efforts in the area of ​​safety will produce results and a positive environment (safety is your working condition).It is my responsibility as CEO to ensure that appropriate resources, including human and financial, are committed to implementing this policy in all of our operations and communicating our policies and standards to all of our employees.Our health and safety performance will be considered at every management meeting and the board will review this policy annually to ensure that it still reflects the goals and aspirations of the company and keeps it always in line with legislative requirements




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