Quality Policy

Quality Policy

POE is committed to positively impact the environment by using all available and relevant knowledge to identify and eliminate or minimise environmental impacts which may arise from the conduct of its activities. Starting from planning stage, through mobilization, construction, commissioning and ending with demobilisation and reinstatement, all activities will be performed with due consideration given to the environmental impacts and aspects. The Management of POE will provide all necessary resources to establish and implement Environmental Management Systems as required by assigning responsibilities, authorising respective persons and fostering environmental awareness amongst all personnel. POE aims to create environmental awareness across all of its employees and to continuously increase attention towards the environment and to the economic usage of natural resources. Our environmental management philosophy is based on continual improvement and implementation of preventative and corrective activities as a natural behaviour of all employees. We aim to; - Comply with applicable environmental regulations and other requirements associated with environmental aspects of our activities, - Use natural resources economically, - Mitigate environmental impacts through effective waste management, and - Foster environmental awareness of all employees. All our employees are responsible to support and assist in establishing, implementation and continual improvement of our Environmental Management.


    We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, innovation and excellency. We integrated honesty, integrality and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


    We have grown to be a leader in our field because we build and nature strong client relationships, we rise to any challenge and value performances and resourcefulness. To provide quality works that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. To lead the development of electrical distribution system network in Sothern region and reduce cut off time to Zero.

  • Mission

    POE. is committed to implementing the latest technologies and industrial practices to provide our clients with the solutions needed for success. We provide clients with xperience, quality, dedication, and professionalism and as a result have become a leader in providing electrical services to Southern region.